CaravanSerai Traditional Collection - Half Bottles (5ml.)


CaravanSerai Traditional Collection - Half Bottles (5ml.)


Caravanserai Precious Essence Oils are made from flowers, herbs, resins, and exotic wood. Our oils are a superior combination of essential oils and absolutes in a base of repressed sandalwood oil. These precious oils are distilled in the same traditional method used for a 1000 years, using water at low heat and pressure over several weeks in large copper kegs. The steam containing the essence is collected and then blended into a plant base of sandalwood glycerin, and allowed to cool.

Our traditional blends and original exotic essences, when applied to your skin mix with your natural chemistry to creating your original scent. The effect will adjust & uplift the soul, by enhancing your mood and bring an atmosphere of spiritual beauty.

Try blending two or three of our Caravanserai Precious Essence to create a truly uniquely you scent for everyday of the year!

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African Gold

A rich, woody, evergreen musk 

Black Amber

Aged amber resin with a citrus vanilla essence 

Black Stone

A smoky blend of agars wood and sandalwood 

Black Tea

A deep, mellow bouquet 

Champa Flower

An original exotic floral musk 

Citrus Blossom

Sweet green vanilla citrus 

Damask Rose

A true rose, heralding royal Syrian gardens 

Earth Traditional

Indian blend of patchouli and Champa flower 

Egyptian Musk

Thick, clean, ancient musk 


Traditional, sharp, woody, spiced resin 

Golden Bamboo

Blend of light pine, cypress and juniper 

Green Tea

A sharp, fresh, citrus bouquet 

Himalayan Musk

Sweet musk blended with saffron’s rose

Honey Amber

Sharp, sweet amber 

Indian Rose

Classical Indian floral 

Indus Kush

A smoky, citrus musk


Clean floral, invoking tales of India

Kings Musk

Airs of ancient amber with a heady green musk

Musk Wood

A sharp, spicy, wood blend 


A light, hidden floral that can only be found at twilight 

Neroli Noir

Green citrus blossom and amber 

Nile Musk

A straight and even musk from the beginning to the end 


Distinguished patchouli, aged to perfection


Reminiscent of fig and vanilla smoke

Sudan Rose

A unique, clean blend with rose and jasmine 

Sweet Sandalwood

A perfect blend of sandalwood and amber 

Vanilla Musk

A pure vanilla in a sandalwood base 

White Amber

Clean, cold, amber light resin