My Grass is Blue- Special Blends


My Grass is Blue- Special Blends

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Blend Notes!

Dawg Grass- Oiled Leather, Vetiver, Rose

Lindley Oud- Sandalwood, Greenwood, Oud Cardamom

Every year when I apply to spring & summer festivals, I look to the Musicians & themes of the years festivals to bring in New Inspiration of Custom Blends.. this year I have found the Universal Theme of “Trailblazing Roots”.. To me it means Pioneers who bring together Heritage of All communities in celebration of our beautiful roots.✨❤️ Music is a one magic in this world that does just that..

& In honor of two of my Favorite Musician’s, who farpass the boundaries of land, through musical melodies of Master Pickers of East & West.. I have Created  “Lindley Oud”,  A Crisp Woody Blend of Sandalwood, Greenwoods , Oud Cardamom ... for my Love of Mr. David Lindley & his choice Silk Road Instruments..

& “Dawg Grass” Deep tones of  Oiled Leather, Vetiver & Sweet Southern Rose .. As Mr. David Grisman.. Was my first Bluegrass Luv & taught me Old and in the Way..

Both Scents are Masculine but on two opposite ends of the spectrum of light & dark. Both with smooth delicate heart top notes..! Oh! but there’s something about that Rose in “Dawg Grass” that swoons me so! I just want frolic barefoot in the grass holding a strong comforting hand!

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