Caravanserai Infusion Shea Butter - 2oz.


Caravanserai Infusion Shea Butter - 2oz.


Handcrafted in small batches. Calendula Flower infused in 100% Fair Trade & Organic Unrefined Shea Butter combined with our unique blend of flowers, herbs, and exotic wood resins. Use to soothe skin, creating a scentual aura from head to toe!



Evoking the vivacious heart of youth, this sweet blend captures stolen glances through mosaic mazes on early summer mornings. Come stroll in the gardens of Ancient Andalucia filled with mystical Jasmine flower and thick amber smoke. Fill your hearts content!


Egyptian Garden

This exquisite bouquet of Jasmine, Nectarine and Citrus tied together with a hint of Patchouli evokes the soulful humid air under ancient Egyptian skies, harvesting clean earth and luscious green gardens all along the River Nile!


Merchant’s Tea

Sail the silk route with the ancient traders of spice and tea,who carried the rich flower bud of the Bergamot Citrus & Black Tea from the provinces of China to the Mediterranean Sea. Our sensually unique blend will evoke the strength, beauty and thrill of adventure!


Sealed Nectar

Imagine travelling along the dusty dunes of the caravanserai trade routes with the hidden gem of fresh fruit. The first bite of a succulent nectarine on a hot summer’s afternoon evokes the alluring element of veiled voluptuous beauty. Through our blend of Nectarine and Honeysuckle, your mouth will water for such a rare treat!


Nomadic Musk

This tribal blend of Vanilla mixed with Vetiver and Myrrh evokes the dryness of a hearty walking stick mingling with the African Savannah smells of grass, animal and sand. Wearing this will evoke the wanderlust for a fulfilling journey deep into the Sahara to join the nomadic tribes of Northern Africa.


Appalachian Kush

Hailing from the ancient rolling mountains of the Appalachia to the peaks of the misty Himalaya, this harmonious blend merges two regions of the world my ancestors have trotted. An absolute blend of Champa Flower, Patchouli and Indus Kush Oil, evokes the dewy sweet aroma of mountain grass and spring fed streams. connecting our hearts to these lands.


Chai Spice

During the time of the ancient midnight concerts of melodious tabla and sitar, one would awaken the senses with the warm, creamy and enticing pull of of the spiced chai. Evoke a deep desire to stroll the spice bazaars of India seeking the ayurvedic herbs of Sandalwood, Cardamom and Clove.


Moroccan Sun

When the sun is as red and round as the Turkish apricot, the heat draws the flavour of Amber, Smoke, Leather, Spice and Dry Fruit. The ancient souks of 10th century Marrakech filled the air with this brilliant blend of scent, evoking the desire to roam the bazaars after the Friday (Jummah) Prayers.

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